Monday, June 14, 2010

Butternut Squash and Orecchiette

Butternut squash, what a funny looking vegetable... haha.  This was my first time cooking with a butternut squash and it wasn't so bad!  It just took me a while to peel off the outer layer.  Next time I think I'll tackle the spaghetti squash and see where it takes me. 
 Well I had some leftover orecchiette from last's weeks post so the ingredients were easy to gather.  The recipe is courtesy of Whole Foods, mine and Dave's food sanctuary.   I used some arugula instead of celery leaves but other than that everything was very simple. 


Nene said...

Hmm...i've never used butternut squash. Looks pretty good though. Next time I'm at the store, I might just pick one up and try this out. Also, I like the revamped blog!

U+Me=Us said...

Looks like a yummy dish, i love butternut squash but mostly in the winter. You should try splitting it in half lengthwise spreading a little EVOO and and butter on the insides then a little honey and cinnamon, bake it until its tender then slice and serve...mmmmm its divine!